So you’ve put your business on social media. Congrats! You’ve instantly boosted the connectivity of your business.

You’ve picked the platforms, and you’re online, but now what?

How often should you post? Once a month or maybe once a week? What goal does posting on social media accomplish for you? Should you spend money? How do you measure return?

The success of your business’ online presence is largely based on the content, frequency, and timeliness of your social media posts. Since posting on social media is such a vital part of any business, it’s important to think through an appropriate digital strategy.

Below are a few factors to consider as you strategize your posts:


The first thing to consider is what you’re actually posting. In a generation overloaded with information, merely writing a line of text for your business’ post is not enough. It won’t get seen. In order to be seen, the content you post needs to include some type of multimedia or interactive element and must be engaging.

This multimedia content must be filtered by asking three questions:

  1. Is it attractive? Most people spend a mere second or two scanning through posts. You want to catch their eye with appealing bait that makes your audience want to bite. There are all kinds of appealing bait, such a light. Light catches the eye. Is your content too dark? There are 293,000 posts per minute on Facebook alone. How is your content going to stand out? Is your content appealing? Attractive? Engaging?
  2. Is it quality? Pictures really do speak a thousand words. If your multimedia content is pixelated or blurry, your credibility could be in jeopardy. Customers automatically associate a poor quality photo with a poor quality business. Customers are more likely to respond to content of thought-through quality than a random mobile post.
  3. Is it relevant & helpful? Does your content actually relate to your post and your audience? Customers want to experience content they can identify with, something that answers a want or a need. If your visual content is not relating to that want or need or comes across as merely self-promoting and not adding actionable value to their lives, potential customers will continue scrolling. But if your social media channels publish content that improves your followers’ lives, people will come looking for it and will make a habit of visiting your accounts voluntarily. This creates an ongoing relationship, builds trust, and makes a lasting impression.


Recent studies tell us that teens are spending roughly 9 hours a day on a screen, and the average adult spends around 2 hours a day on social media. That’s a lot of time on social media and it creates an opportunity for you.

To make the most of this audience, you’ve got to post frequently.

Posting frequently boosts your search engine optimization. The more active and recent your business is on social media, the more you’ll appear at the top of search results. Posting frequently also connects you to your customers and ensures you are frequently on their minds. The more often they see a post from you, the more likely they’re going to pick you when they go shopping in your product’s category.

Finally, posting frequently also lets customers know you’re “alive.” In our modern age, most consumers will explore your storefront online before ever setting foot in your business. If your social media accounts or even your website is stagnant or looks forgotten with posts from a year ago, potential customers could be turned off from choosing your business for lack of relevance.


Stats show most people spend around 2 hours a day on social media, but which 2 hours? This time is not continuous. Those 2 hours are broken up into numerous brief check-ins throughout the day, so it’s important for you to ask, “When are my people on social media?” and “When does my product/service best have an impact on social media?” For instance, if I’m a restaurant business, I might want to consider posting a picture of a delicious burger between 4-7 p.m. when people begin to get hungry or are making dinner plans. That’s when the products I offer have an impact on my customers.

Beyond this, I need to know when my people are getting on their social media accounts. This means that I need to know my demographics. What’s the age, gender, ethnicity, culture, etc. of my demographic? If it’s college students, then perhaps my posts are most effective between 1-3 p.m. If it’s businessmen and businesswomen, a post will be more effective between 5-7 p.m.

In any business, it’s important to research your demographic and plan your social media posts accordingly.

Social media posts are the lifeblood of your social media accounts. Without them, your various digital platforms will die. Content, frequency, and timeliness are all factors to consider as you plan and schedule your various posts. Sometimes it can be daunting and time-consuming to create excellent content, post frequently, and research your demographics. If you find that your social media accounts are lacking in life, Butler Creative Group would love to come alongside you and revitalize your social media channels. We can create content for you (that you fully own!), help schedule your posts, and research your demographics, all without long-term contracts!