Constant Contact recently announced some new integrations and features that make it more of a one-stop-shop.

While there are lots of great email platforms out there, Constant Contact is a fantastic option for email marketing. It has great layout options and is easy to customize the way you want it. It’s especially attractive for those who want a step up from MailChimp, but don’t want to blow their money on HubSpot (which is a wonderful platform we highly recommend – if you can afford it).

Constant Contact recently announced several integrations that make it more of a one-stop-shop. Should you use these integrations? Maybe. If you aren’t already using Facebook and Google to create your ads, this might make it easier for you (or, ya know, you could just let us do it all for you ;)). Here are some of their new integrations:

Facebook and Instagram Ads

I think this is probably the most valuable integration. Facebook’s ad platform can be a little confusing, and Constant Contact’s interface is a little more user friendly. Plus, you can coordinate your email campaigns with your social media ads. With easy access to the same creatives, fonts, and colors from your email campaign, you can easily create a uniform marketing campaign.

Google Ads

No, it’s not Google ads on the actual emails themselves. That would be fantastic. Then you could actually make some more money within your emails! This feature allows you to create your Google ads directly from within the platform…but there is a catch. These aren’t banner ads, they’re text ads (SEM ads). Text ads are definitely a necessary part of any business’ marketing, but if you’re already using AdWords or you have a program that allows you to do banner ads as well, this may not be for you.

Landing pages

Landing pages on Constant Contact have been around a little bit now, but usually they just exist in conjunction with an automated campaign. Now Constant Contact offers the creation of a short lead generation landing page for any occasion, even if you don’t have a website.

MINDBODY integration

MINDBODY is a marketing platform that focuses on people and their wellness. The MINDBODY integration allows Constant Contact users to keep track of subscriber’s birthday, first visit, and anniversaries. This is especially helpful when you want to schedule automatic emails to go out for any of these occasions. A lot of times restaurant or coffee businesses will send out a free item or coffee on a subscriber’s birthday.


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